I am Laura Monroe, and I hold a PhD in Education with a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) specialization. I have been editing academic papers for 30 years, and have taught English as a Second/Foreign Language since 1989. I am a former master’s thesis advisor at a private university, where I coached over 400 master’s students through the thesis process and also edited their papers. In addition to writing my own dissertation, I have edited hundreds of PhD and EdD dissertations on a wide range of academic subjects. I have written ESL textbooks for students, practical methodology books for ESL/EFL instructors, and indexed textbooks. My dissertation studied university faculty’s treatment of native and non-native English-speaking students’ academic writing errors and plagiarism, so I have not only gone through the dissertation process but I also understand what faculty and committees look for in academic writing!
I have been giving APA workshops since 2002 for both students and faculty, as well as presented research and documentation workshops to them. I also work with MLA and Chicago-style editing. I currently work at an R1 university as a postdoctoral scholar, and love editing papers so much I spend most of my time doing just that. Editing your documents is not something that I do to speed through in order to collect payment from you – I truly care about the process and the quality of your paper.