– Light Editing = $2/page.
Basic sentence-level punctuation, spelling, and quick formatting. For individuals who are native speakers and are looking for just a grammar/language review.

– Intermediate Editing = $4/page.
Light editing plus phrasing, sentence construction, moving of phrases and sentences for better flow/understanding, and comments with academic writing suggestions. For individuals who are not strong writers and those who are non-native English speakers who have already had their papers edited.

– Heavy Editing = $5/page.
Intermediate editing plus assistance with structure, flow, formatting, appropriate outline, and academic voice. For individuals whose native language is not English, and/or for  those individuals whose paper needs to be formatted in APA or other documentation styles.

APA/MLA/Chicago formatting only = $3/page, including References pages. Does not include editing.

Academic Coaching = $50/hour (typically one to two hours per week for the duration of the proposal, final dissertation/thesis, or defense).

Please contact me with any pricing questions you might have.
I will also quote you a price per project rather than by page if needed.